The 3 stages of bedbug infestation in pictures

There are four distinct stages of a bedbug infestation. In general the farther you get down the list, the worse the infestation is getting. 

Stage 1

In stage one a bedbug (or bedbugs) has found its way into your home. Typically, they hitch a ride in luggage when you have been travelling. However, they can find their way into your home in many ways. If you visit a friend’s house and they have bedbugs, you can bring them home in your jacket or other clothing. They can also arrive on pets in the same way that fleas are spread. Finally, if you share a wall with a neighbor that has bedbugs (such as in a townhouse, duplex or apartment building), they can find their way into your home through cracks in the wall. in this stage you are unaware that bedbugs are there.

Stage 2

You may see one or two bedbugs at a time. At this point you may just swat them, away or squash them when you see them.

Stage 3

As the females start to feed you may see bites in a "line pattern", that is unique to bedbugs.

Stage 4

If left untreated, in 3 - 6 months you will see the classic signs of bedbug infestation. Blood, fecal material and loads of bedbugs

As you progress through the stages of bedbug infestation, three things will happen:

  1. It will become more expensive to eradicate the bedbugs. For example, in stage 4 it is likely that bedbugs can be found all over your house. This situation will likely include multiple follow-up visits to achieve complete eradication.
  2. Your quality of life will be significantly impacted. It starts with a few bites during the night. Then it progresses to more and more bites. Eventually sleep will be impossible. This will have an impact on your work and home life. Yor social life will also be impacted because you won't feel like inviting friends over. There is a stigma associated with bedbugs, and most are embarrassed about having them. Secondly you don't want your friends to carry the disgusting gift of bedbugs home with them. 
  3. The risk of costly property damage will increase. In early stages, once the bedbugs have been eradicated, you should see little or no damage in your home. However, once you get to stage 4, you will almost certainly have to throw away some of your furniture due to unsightly stains that are more or less impossible to remove.

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